Hollywood Spring

A screening of the rediscovered 1980s black cinema classic. A new live score was commissioned from BFI pianist Stephen Horne. Shown at Hackney's newest pop up cinema Hollywood Spring. Shown in support of Open Cinema, a charity that provides film screenings and training to socially excluded people. 

Sidewalk Stories with Stephen Horne

About the Venue

Hollywood Spring is a new pop up cinema venue in Hackney, described by Time Out as 'London's coolest new film venue.' 

Sidewalk Stories

About the Film

Sidewalk Stories was the debut of Charles Lane, released the same year as Do the Right Thing. Like Spike Lee's career-maker, the film focuses on black underclass in Brooklyn. However, Sidewalk Stories is a silent comedy, tipping its hat to Chaplin's The Kid, while also addressing homelessness. To read more about the history of Sidewalk Stories at the Silent London blog, click here. The film's accompanying score by Stephen Horne was debuted at this screening and featured a variety of instruments including accordion, piano and drums, played by one man.