Women animators

Kathy Rose Pencil Booklings

At the South London Gallery, Nobody Ordered Wolves curator Duncan Carson presented a talk on the explosion of activity in animation by women in the 1970s. Usually working alone, their work is often acutely idiomatic, sometimes in cracked dialogue with animation history. Vibrant, adult, forceful and uncompromising, these films are wrought from a necessity of expression that bears little connection to commercial animation. 

After considering the role of earlier pioneers, this talk focused mainly on the work of three artists of the 1970s: Sally Cruikshank, Caroline Leaf and Suzan Pitt. This talk was researched with new interviews with the animators in question. For more information and to see a selection of these films, click here. To view lecture notes for this talk, click here

Winsor McCay lecture

Winsor McCay, Early Animation and CGI Cinema

Exploring the work of Winsor McCay, one of the fathers of animation, this talk reflected on the McCay's pioneering animation Gertie the Dinosaur, and how its techniques presaged the introduction of CGI cinema in Jurassic Park. It considered McCay's life as vaudevillian, circus sign painter, father of American comics and enemy of William Randolph Hearst. To read more about the lecture via an interview with Sally Cruikshank, click here.