Nobody Ordered Wolves is a film screening programme. 

Nobody Ordered Wolves finds the best hidden cinema from around the world and showcases them immersively, in venues that are thematically tied to the film. Named after Jeffrey Dell's classic 1939 satire of the British film industry, Nobody Ordered Wolves was established in 2013 and is programmed by Duncan Carson. 

How we programme

1) Show only films that you won't see elsewhere.

There are plenty of places to catch the nostalgic, the ironic and the classic. We exist to breathe life into films you haven't heard of, that don't have UK releases or have been lost to time. 

2) Find a space that honours the film experience.

A projection is a performance! Watching film together creates a magnetic tension between people. Finding a special space that reflects the film makes the experience more memorable. 

3) The space should only add, never distract from the screening.

We want to benefit the viewing experience with the location rather than provide a sideshow. 

4) Expand cinema and give as much as you can.

We always show short films, provide programmes, design special cocktails, contextualise the films and give a history of the space. Films are a living culture and we want to add to that culture. 

5) Work with amazing partners.

We are always keen to work with other cine-clubs, film historians, historians, architects, charities, distributors, performers, thinkers, whoever. Send us an email at if you have a space, a programming idea or want to work together on any kind of project.